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Ignited Souls

event Discount

Rainbow Soul may be online but we show our faces from time to time. As an Ignited Soul, you're placed in the VIP section with inside privileges at our in-person events. Members receive an email notification of upcoming vendor and pop-up events around DFW and enjoy a 15% discount for all purchases at in-person events. We look forward to seeing you!



We're handing out Soul Stars for your loyalty! Ignited Soul Members earn 5 Soul Stars upon sign up and 5 Soul Stars with every purchase. The more you earn the more you can turn in for free stuff, like aromatic mists, wax melts, candles, and discounts on purchases.


free scents

Rainbow Soul members receive free Scent Shots before online availability. We recognize Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter as  seasons. Scent Shots cannot be exchanged for other fragrances. Packages will be sent to the address on your membership profile.


your birthday

Rainbow Soul wants to celebrate your existence with a free candle on your next birthday after signing up. Free candles are chosen from available scents in the Just Because collection, six-ounce candles. Don't forget to update your member profile with your favorite fragrance!


The Fine

Membership in the Ignited Soul loyalty program is a voluntary action and we reserve the right to update and/or discontinue if deemed necessary. Initial purchase must be made within the first 60 days of becoming a member to be eligible for free products, i.e. seasonal Scent Shots and six-ounce travel tin candle on birthdays. Thereafter, purchase must be made at least twice per year to maintain eligibility.

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