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Introducing the Rainbow Soul Signature Candle. Six, hand poured layers of bright hues representing the different colors of the rainbow. Notes of lemon, berry fruit, and citrus combine with a light vanilla aroma, reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and your favorite cereal.


Six scented cubes in a convenient clamshell package. Snap of one or two cubes and place in an approved wax melter. Rainbow Soul recommends using a tea light wax melter for maximum fragrance experience. Please follow manufacturer's recommendations for electric wax burners.


Our Uniquely You Collection features products infused with our personal flair and favorite fragrances handpicked to ignite your soul.


Fruit Loops Clamshells

  • Our Signature Collection wax melts are made with 100% domestically-grown soy blend, and a blend of premium fragrance oils consisting of natural and man-made materials.

    • Place your melt warmer in a stable position away from drafts and flammable objects.
    • Place your wax melts in a melt approved wax warmer/burner and never add water.
    • Do not leave your warmer on for extended periods of time - 3 hours max.
    • Never leave a melt warmer unattended. Put it out/turn it off before leaving the room.
    • You can reuse wax melts until the scent has faded. Remove and dispose of used wax melt.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
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