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Sweet, floral lavender combine with citrusy bergamot, creating the perfect fragrance for a restful sleep. A Rainbow Soul Signature blend, Nighty Night helps alleviate stress, and anxiety while soothing daily tension that robs your body of peaceful slumber.


3.8 fluid ounces of an air freshener and premium fragrance in a stylish, black spray bottle. Rainbow Soul recommends spraying lightly in the air, sheets, and/or pillow to doze off no matter the time.



  • To quickly freshen up a space, linens, or enclosed area, just use a couple spritzes.
  • Daily Refreshers last longer when sprayed directly onto fabrics, blankets, pillows, clothing, etc.
  • Because our Aromatic Mists are alcohol-based, they may not be safe for leather products. We recommend testing on an inconspicuous part of any textile first.

Nighty Night Daily Refresher

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  • Our Aromatic Mists are a blend of natural and synthetic fragrances and an air freshener base with alcohol.

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